About the Entrant



Club: East Victoria Park

Age: 35


The changes to my life since Curves have been worth it

I have always struggled with my weight. Always kilo’s over what I should be or wanted to be. I think all females struggle with the battle of the scales no matter what size/weight they are.

Between the ages of 16 and 21 I had six full knee reconstructions (3 on each knee). I spent months on crutches and in rehabilitation. At 19 they were not certain if I would walk again. I was lucky I had the best surgeons and physio’s in Australia and a wonderful family who supported me. We knew at a young age this would be my reality, however the mental and physical journey has not been an easy one. I knew from a young age I would not be able to play team sports to the same extent as other people. At 16 I was told I wouldn’t be able to run and to expect a full knee replacement by the age of 40.

I am in constant pain with my legs, from my hips down. The pain varies in strength so mentally as well as physically it is exhausting. In saying this I try not to use this as an excuse not to be active. I have tried skiing, ice hockey and surfing. However, I would use it as an excuse not to go to the gym

In my late 20’s I had great success with Curves. in May 2016 I decided I would re-join to work on my health and fitness. My goal was to lose 10 kilo’s as my weight had crept up to 73 kg and Australian size 14. This is the heaviest I have been. I knew my extra weight was affecting all aspects of my life:

• constantly feeling lethargic
• low self-esteem
• low confidence resulting in not wanting to socialise.

At Octobers monthly weigh in I was so disheartened as the scales had barely moved even though I was going to the gym six mornings a week and walking 6km a day. Irene (owner East Victoria Park Curves) suggested I try Curves Complete.

Late October I started on Curves Complete and have not looked back since. Curves complete has taught me:

• correct portion sizes (this being the key issue in stalling my weight loss previously),
• correct snacking
• substituting healthy options and
• everything in moderation (its not about not about limiting food groups)

Having the weekly chats/weigh in’s with Irene has helped me understand my habits, how my body responds to food and helped me keep check on myself. I find the environment at the East Victoria Park Gym so warm, friendly and inspiring. All the ladies are supportive of each other and are an inspiration.

Starting Numbers: Clothing size 14 weight 72.75 kg BMI 29.2 Body Fat 36.3% arms 34.5 Bust 102.5 Waist 87.50 Abdomen 101 Hips 105 Thighs 62

Current Numbers: Clothing size 8/10 weight 64.15 kg BMI 25.7 Body Fat 30.8% arms 33 Bust 97 Waist 82 Abdomen 94.5 Hips 99.5 Thighs 55.5