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Club: Morisset

Age: 62


Curves has given me back my life

Hi my name is Sue I am a 62yr old. At 40 I was a very fit grandma being able to do everything with my grandkids but by 55 I was battling menopause, depression & chronic arthritis. By 60 I was spending half my days in bed, I was on a disability pension and had a disability sticker for my car as I was unable to walk very far or manage more that four stairs. I had also ballooned to 105kgs. At the beginning of

At the beginning of 2017 a friend joined Curves and was telling me how good it was so I decided I would go check it out and here I am today 5months on 10kgs lighter but 15yrs younger in myself. I can now enjoy long walks with my hubby, go shopping with my daughter & teenage grandchildren & keep up not have to rest on a chair while they went on without me. I get up each day with renewed energy &

I can now enjoy long walks with my hubby, go shopping with my daughter and teenage grandchildren wihout resting on a chair.. I get up each day with renewed energy and thoroughly enjoy my 4/5 workouts a week. My strength is unbelievable I can now do 3/4 flights of stairs. My menopause is under control & the depression is nearly nil.

Friends & family cannot believe the change in me. My disability sticker is in my glovebox as I now refuse to take a disabled park. I now do 4/5 workouts at Curves a week plus I walk 3km a day. I use to say to friends if they’d seen my ‘get up & go ‘anywhere could they return it to me as it had got up and gone, little did I know it was waiting at Curves for me.

My daughter (41) says to me all the time now how nice it is to have her happy, vibrant mum back as she felt she was losing me. I will probably ask the undertaker to drop in to Curves on the way to the crematorium just so I can have one last workout before I go, never going to give up my workouts. All I can say is a huge thank you to Curves for giving me back my life.