About the Entrant



Club: Warrnambool

Age: 45


Curves drives me to be strong

My travel success means that every morning , I travel into town (45kms) one way to do my workout , once done I travel back to organise the kids for school and work for myself .

My goals have been achieved by our incredible coaches who are always there for me with daily work outs beside my friends.  I love the message boards around the walls with great tips ,advice and sayings.
I recieved a card to keep which said “your body achieves what the mind believes .”  It is to keep near to my eyes .

Curves is a amazing place to feel welcome, to meet new friends and enjoy the rewards .It drives you to be strong and enjoy the benefits .It is a happy place to be.

My weight loss has been hard to achieve with a knee injury which held me back for a while on the waiting list, after my surgery and recovery. I was back seven weeks later and with my mind committed I achieved a loss of 18.90 kgs since August 2016.