About the Entrant



Club: Gympie

Age: 57

CM lost: 70 cm

Weight Lost: 13.8 kg


Rosyln now complete

I was unfit and overweight. I needed to exercise.  I didn’t obsess about being overweight but I didn’t like not being able to buy clothes from a “normal” boutique.  I didn’t fancy the idea of joining a gym where I might run into men from work or be restricted by work out times.  I lost 10 kilos two years ago with a different weight loss program and then put on 14 kilos. I realized I needed a different approach. I was hoping exercise with Curves would be a good option.   I had no idea that diet, lifestyle and personal tuition was all part of the package. I’ve lost 14 kilos since joining Curves. I had no idea that Curves was such a “complete” program.  Curves is a lifestyle, with a philosophy backed by sports scientists. What I great journey it’s been.