About the Entrant



Club: Mona Vale

Age: 76


I am grateful to remain fit, strong, healthy and medication free

I have been involved with Curves for 14 years both as a member and an owner. From the first workout I saw the great value and ease of the system. Being passionate about preventative health and as a mature aged person(now 76) strength training is absolutely essential knowing that between the age of 20 and 70 we lose 1/3 of our muscle mass if we do not address it.

The Curves circuit is one of the best ways I know. With muscle being the engine in which body fat is burned and bone mineral density also depending on us maintaining muscle. Curves has been the easiest , most pleasant and most supportive way of addressing the many issues surrounding loss of muscle mass.

Our immunity is also improved as it is our muscles that supply glutamine to our immune systems, boosts fat loss, grows bone, helps our hearts whilst combating adult onset diabetes. At my age 75% of the population are taking at least five medications daily.I am grateful to remain fit, strong, healthy and medication free. I owe much to Curves.