About the Entrant



Club: Caringbah

Age: 56


I have learned to love life and to love me

I remember day dreaming of what it would feel like to be a certain weight, to easily wear clothes and feel good, then saying to myself “next year”, “maybe six months” making lists and schedules that were broken within a week.

Growing up I learnt to comfort and reward myself with food, late night eating alone in my room, which as an adult turned into eating alone while watching TV and so calming myself with food became an easy way to hide my feelings.

At 22, through a car accident, I was unable to walk unaided for sometime and even after many years of physiotherapy, I still have a constant pain from my back down through my legs. Arthritis has set into most of my body, so exercise, though needed became a chore and my weight went up and down constantly.

In my thirties, married, two children and running a business with my husband it became easy to hide behind a charade of busy, being in pain hurting and tired. Cooking for family though was great, as I could cook my favourite meals and control my portions, so my weight ballooned to an unhealthy 118kg. The bigger I got the more embarrassed I became and the more I wanted to hide. I felt so sorry for my children, especially at school and sporting events and yet I didn’t know how to begin.

Years later it was during a flight in which I had to ask for a seat belt extender I hit a new low, I wanted to curl up and disappear, instead I pretended it didn’t matter but deep down it broke me.
On my return I heard an ad for Curves and from the moment I commenced, I felt at ease and I knew I had found my beginning.

With wonderful encouragement from my coaches, I commenced a 12 week challenge and lost 16 kilos, even though for half of it I was on crutches. I learnt through the Curves Complete program that cooking healthy food can taste great, I now have a new list of favourite meals and understand portion control.

After the challenge was over I then had a new goal to achieve. Once again with the support of my coaches, fellow members and the beautiful 2015 and 2016 Inspirational Curvettes Nikki and Sue (both from Caringbah) by my side I knew I had all the support to succeed. I have now lost 46 kilos and have never felt so good. Still not at goal weight but I know that NOTHING can stop me!