About the Entrant



Club: Kerikeri

Age: 79


Curves is more like my second home

I have never worried about my weight as I lived on a hilly farm. While the male genders used motor bikes, I walked, so I had plenty of exercise. But once I retired there was less exercise, but still eating the same amount of food, hence I began to look more like Billy Bunter’s wife.

A friend of mine tried three times to get me to join up with Curves, but I always had some excuse. Then one Saturday while watching a grandson play rugby with my daughter, the manager of Curves passed by and my dear daughter introduced me to her and said, “my Mum’s joining Curves”. I had run out of excuses. The reasons for making excuses was because I was ashamed and embarrassed of my size, however I swallowed my pride and had an interview, and that was the start of my new life with Curves.

After a while I could operate the machines and altered my eating habits, I noticed I was sleeping better, and losing weight, and there was an increase in mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance, and I was loving every minute of it. If only I had not been such a coward and joined Curves earlier. The Curves coaches are wonderful, and very helpful and full of encouragement. I could not have reached my goal without them, they deserve a medal.

I was born with an enlarged heart with a hole in it. Due to my involvement with Curves, my heart has strengthened and reduced in size and I haven’t had any irregular heartbeats for two years. The holes are still there but I don’t worry about it. I no longer take pills for high cholesterol, I rarely use my inhaler for asthma and if my arthritis pains me, a good workout at Curves works wonders.

Two years ago I suddenly became ill and lost all my energy and was unable to attend Curves. It was frustrating and I thought my days as a Curvette were over. It took the doctor nine months to find the cause, but before they could do anything, I had a stroke!

If it were not for working out at Curves, getting my body in shape, I wouldn’t have lasted. Last year I was able to attend Curves again. At first it was one workout per week and only doing one round of the circuit. At times I was ready to give up, but with the encouragement and love from the coaches and club members I persevered. Now I have become a Curves addict, and workout six days a week. One thing I learnt was that one cannot lose weight just by dieting, one needs exercise. I found out the hard way, while I was ill half the weight I had lost came back again, so this year it has been a battle to lose it again, but at last I am winning the race – my goal is in sight.