About the Entrant



Club: Petersham

Age: 54


This is the way I want my life and health to stay

When my doctor told me I needed to go on medication for my blood pressure, and when my ankles were so sore I could barely walk some days, and when I was in a changing room trying on a top and all I could see was this huge chest (and when the sales assistant pulled the curtain aside to ask how I was going and I had to struggle to hold back the tears), I realised it was time to do something about my health.

I confided in a friend who, luckily for me (because I would always have found a way to avoid taking the first step myself), made the appointment at Curves for both of us. I was adamant that I wouldn’t be signing up to anything on the spot, but the combination of my friend not letting me back out, and the welcoming staff and non-threatening, non-judgemental environment, saw me sign on the dotted line that day. Curves worked for me from the start. I find it convenient, quick and efficient. I go in the mornings and it starts my day off on the right foot. It gave me the motivation to start making better decisions about what I was eating and drinking and gradually, slowly but surely, my improved lifestyle started to show benefits to my health. My weight started coming down – since I started I am now down by 28kg. I was finding it easier to move and, helped by the fact that I got over my phobia of wearing joggers, my ankles gradually started to feel better.

I can now walk long distances without pain, at a brisk rate, and without the breathlessness I once had. My chest is smaller (can’t tell you how glad that makes me feel) and I can now try on normal size clothes in the shops. Then, at my last visit to the doctor, she took my blood pressure and told me it was the best reading she had ever got from me and I no longer faced the need for medication. I feel healthier and fitter than I have in a long time and I know this is the way I want my life and health to stay.