About the Entrant



Club: Gympie

Age: 44


I have confidence to make better choices

Before my journey with Curves began, I had once again topped the scales at just over 100 kg. I hated the way I looked in photos and the mirror. I was tired all the time and with a husband and two active children, it was time to make a “lifestyle change”. I knew a couple of ladies who attended Curves Gympie and after speaking with them in January this year, I bit the bullet and made the climb up the stairs and walked through the door where I was met by Kerry – wow I was sold! I was attracted to Curves due to the fact that it wasn’t the usual beefcake gym. Going to a gym is hard enough, but then to feel the judgement – well nope that wasn’t for me. I knew Curves was a women’s only gym which catered for all shapes, sizes and ages – well yep that was for me. Kerry and I spoke for a good while and we arranged a second meet so I could have a trial, the rest, as they say is history.

Not long after I joined Curves, I signed up to do the Curves eight week challenge and Curves Complete which gave me access to meal planning, recipes and tips and hints; which was a huge turning point for my journey. I lost 6 kg during the challenge and have gone on to continue going down to 10 kg and decreased by 40 cm in measurements – woohoo! During the challenge my family and I went on holidays and with the knowledge gained, I managed not only to maintain healthier choices, but continued the weight loss back in the “real world” so to speak.

I was feeling good and my confidence to make the better choices continues. My lifestyle has definitely changed for the better, I have more energy to keep up with those active children, I’m starting to like the way I look again and I have even signed up for a 25 km walk – which is something I never thought I would ever be able to do.