About the Entrant



Club: North Richmond

Age: 54


I owe my emotional physical and emotional strength to Curves

My story begins in April 2016 when my husband’s mental health deteriorated almost with the change of the wind. The emotional trauma brought to our family overnight was almost unbearable. Whilst he was hospitalised for an immediate period of time, I had to carry the weight of the emotional trauma of my two teenage children and keep our 25 year business, a well known and respected brand afloat.

Somewhere in that three week hospitalisation I had my own break down. A normally exceptionally strong woman I found myself curled in a ball and silently grieving as my children slept. As the sun set each day I drove myself the hour drive home from the hospital greeted and fed three hungry dogs that reminded me of the normal life I was yearning for.

Desperately trying to keep my world normal I reached out to Jess my Curves coach in an effort to keep my own mental emotional and physical health in tact. As I called on every bit of emotional strength to achieve a strength workout there were days when the tears ran down my face as as I stood at the squat machine. When I couldn’t stop those tears I would walk into the change room find some composure draw on my strength and walk back out to finish my workout. At the end of Zumba as we cooled down and stretched on Saturday mornings as Miley Cyres belted out “The Climb” my tears streamed down as I drew strength from her words.

My coach Jess knew of my trauma and silently encouraged me to just be there, to keep coming. I found solace, friendship and strength in my visits to Curves. I had always loved coming to Curves but now I needed it more than ever. It offered a moments relief from the world that demanded so much of me beyond the doors of Curves.

As the months went by normality was hard to come by. And in September 2016 three days before my daughter’s 18th birthday my husband had a relapse. This hospitalisation was to be a further seven weeks. The strain was almost unbearable being pulled and emotionally toiled with both personally and professionally.

Curves was my strength and at times it was very difficult to fit in but I kept telling myself my own health was important for the sake of every one of us, my husband, the children, myself and the 50 people we employed.

By December 2016 I sought to build on the inspiration that Curves gave me. I set a goal to run the New York marathon. I found a coach trained hard and on 21st may I ran The great Ocean rd Marathon.

My goal is the New York Marathon 5th November 2017. I have never been a runner. What I do know is that without the strength that Curves gives me this goal would only be a wish.

I owe my emotional physical and emotional strength to Curves and my coach