About the Entrant



Club: Charlestown

Age: 74


Curves has set me up for some amazing adventures

I’ve always wanted to go to Tasmania and when a friend invited me to go white water rafting on the Franklin River I jumped at the chance. My husband passed a few years ago and I was up for trying new things.

I’ve always had a weight problem and despite booking the trip a year in advance I couldn’t get motivated to prepare physically. Six weeks before the trip I gave myself a “stern talking to”. I had gained 10kg and nearly pulled out because I was having trouble getting up and down from my lounge chair let alone get in and out of a raft!

My daughter arranged for me to meet Maria from Curves Charlestown. Before I knew it I had joined and was working out on the machines. For the next six weeks I went to Curves four days a week and lost 12.4 kgs and 31.5 centimetres. I felt the benefits straight away to my flexibility as well. I couldn’t believe it! All of a sudden I could bend down easier, stand on one leg to pull my pants on and raise my arms above my head. All things I haven’t been able to do for a long time. Because of this I have even improved my tennis serve!

Half way through this time I plateaued in my weight loss. This had happened to me many times over the years and was always demotivating. I talked it over with Maria and she suggested I increase the protein in my lunch to sustain my energy throughout the day. So I did as recommended and lo and behold I started losing weight again! This was so amazing!

The rafting trip down the Franklin was hard work, a huge physical challenge. Much of the time we had to carry the boats because the water level was down and we had to negotiate large boulders and rocky river beds with strong currents swirling around our legs. Curves improved my strength making it much easier to use my balance to keep from falling into the water many times.Each day the hardest part was getting in and out of my wetsuit, thank goodness for my improved balance. The days were arduous as often we would be “on the water” for 8 hours a day because there were only certain points on the river that were available to camp. The trip was amazing and I am so glad I did it. I would never been able to do it if I hadn’t gone to Curves.

Since returning from my trip I continue to go to Curves. Now I am back to the weight I was in 1989 and feel so much better and more flexible than ever. My next adventure is joining my youngest son for the next six weeks caretaking at Bon Bon station a 216,000 hectare conservation reserve owned by Bush Heritage Australia.