About the Entrant



Club: Belconnen

Age: 38


Curves is my happy place

I hope and wish that other (young) mothers get motivated by my story to find there way to Curves. Because Curves could also be working for them. I have been a Curves member since 2010. After I gave birth to my first son I wanted to lose weight. At that time I had to drive 30 minutes one way for a work out, but I did it three times a week. Surprisingly I enjoyed going to Curves and it paid off. I lost the weight.

We moved to Canberra and I gave birth to my second son. I remember visiting Curves Jamison. I received a warm welcome, staff was happy and helpful. I signed up again, did my work outs, but losing weight didn’t go easy this time. In the beginning I even gained weight. I enjoyed going and liked the community. I wanted to be part of it.

In 2013 I did Curves complete for six months. My goal was being a happy healthy mum and wife. I managed! Curves Complete helped me change the mindset for life. I know which healthy food choices I can make. Curves members helped me find the right products in the shop. I felt empowered. I lost more than 15 kg.

We wished for another member to the family. In the beginning of this pregnancy I managed to keep going to Curves. I didn’t have any back pain during pregnancy and I believe it was because of Curves. I felt great and gave easily birth to a 4.65 kg boy. As with the other boys I went back to Curves when he was six months.

In six months I made myself ready for a fourth baby. I had seen other Curves instructors with four children. They worked and are happy, healthy mums. I wished that too.I felt supported with the Curves community on our side. As migrants from the Netherlands we have no family in Australia. All our hopes and wishes came true…
I managed to go three times a week to Curves up to week 38 of my pregnancy. I received my first baby shower from Curves and gave birth to my fourth son.

Curves members helped us out magnificently. One member is our Ozzie nanna now and brought the brothers to the hospital to meet their newborn. Another member made me healthy meals in the hospital and later at home. Others made meals for the family and help out with household work.This time I went back to Curves after three months! I go at least three times a week and I have avoided gaining weight after giving birth. I believe that with Curves you can do it!!!