About the Entrant



Club: Kerikeri

Age: 63


Making healthy choices

I am very grateful to Curves for making me so welcome and encouraging me on my journey to a healthy me. For years I had tried diets, fasting then binge eating, only losing weight when I got sick then putting it back on. I went overseas and couldn’t believe how over weight I looked in the photos.

I finally joined Curves in June 2015 (after 18months of thinking about it). I weighed in at 85.1kgms. I attended 3 to 4 times a week depending on work commitments. I lost some weight and certainly felt healthier. I then developed leg and back pain. Thinking this was due to exercise, I let my membership lapse and made excuses not to exercise.

My doctor diagnosed sciatica and arthritis. She recommended that some exercise was better for my health. She suggested I talk to Curves about my health and ask them to monitor my exercises.
So I rejoined Curves in June 2016, discussed my health issues. They supported me resuming exercise and gradually I felt better.

During one of my weigh and measures sessions, I talked about setting a goal to lose weight for my daughters wedding. Karen asked me if I had considered joining “Curves Complete”. I had lots of questions and finally admitted to myself I had to change my eating and drinking habits. I joined and the rest is history. I lost 15kgms over 6 months. I looked and felt amazing at my daughter’s wedding. Best of all she was so proud of me.

I recently had a check up at my doctors, my cholesterol had gone down, and she said that what ever I was doing I should keep it up. That was so encouraging.