About the Entrant



Club: Tweed Heads South

Age: 63


63 years young!

I am a great grandmother and am 63 years YOUNG! I have dropped three dress sizes since joining Curves. I haven’t been below 90kg since 1983, but I AM NOW! So far, I have lost 18kg, 95cm, and 4.1% Body Fat! And, even more importantly, I have gotten my Type 2 Diabetes under control!

My GP and my Diabetes Specialist are thrilled with my excellent results (and so am I!). My sugar levels were up as high as 14 (8 is acceptable), they now range between 5-8. I used to have to take two types of insulin. Now, I have been able to eliminate one entire insulin type of three injections per day! My doctor is now considering taking me off the long-acting insulin which I take at night. I, now, have lots of energy, especially when I look after my 10-month old great granddaughter, and I am no longer breathless. I feel proud and my self-esteem has increased considerably. My blood pressure is now well-controlled, too! Joining Curves was the BEST thing I could ever have done for myself and my family!