About the Entrant



Club: Ferntree Gully

Age: 60


I feel like a new woman

When I turned 50, life was good. I had just married my long term partner in a surprise ceremony in front of all our family and friends and I was the fittest and healthiest I had ever been and a neat size 10.

Six months later my world fell apart when our 13 year old son died unexpectedly.Although I had a husband and two beautiful daughters to keep me going life became hard.Reactive depression set in….

Fast forward 10 years. I am ashamed to say I became unhealthy and overweight and even more depressingly none of my good clothes fitted. I had already replaced my nurses uniform with the next size up and now that one was too small. I needed yet another bigger one. In a tub under my bed was a perfectly good uniform that was way too small. Actually there were three tubs of clothes that were too small. I had a choice. Order another uniform in the next size up or do something about losing some weight. The other motivator was seeing a photograph of myself and being shocked at how bloated I was looking. The weight had crept on and I was embarrassed. I had also required surgery to remove gallstones and my blood pressure was starting to become elevated.

I joined Curves and immediately jumped in the deep end and did the eight week challenge.
It was hard at first but the staff were incredibly supportive and full of encouragement. Before long I was starting to see and feel the results. My uniform fitted!!! By the end of the challenge I was able to take the smaller one out of mothballs along with all the other clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear for years. Now my smaller uniform fits better than ever. I’m back to being a size 10.

My weight loss has been almost 10kg and I feel like a new woman. Also my blood pressure has gone back down to normal.Between work and caring for my granddaughter I manage to get to Curves about three to four times a week. I have made it a priority as my mood is always uplifted after my workout and my monthly coaching sessions help to keep me on track.