About the Entrant



Club: Wanniassa

Age: 70


Curves has helped me take control of my cholesterol and blood pressure

I never had a problem with my weight until I went onto hormone replacement therapy at age 48.
When I turned 60 I was 60 kilos and at the age of 64 I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure and multiple health issues and I was forced to retire from work.

At the time I was caring for my mother who had early dementia and also giving support to my daughter in caring for my two grandsons with autism. I was put on two blood pressure tablets a day and told to walk three times a week for 30 minutes but nothing had changed. Two years later I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and put on more medication.

In 2015 I had to see a Cardiologist, and supported by my Doctor suggested that I lose some weight, I managed to lose some but then put it back on again. In December 2016 I was told by my Doctor that my cholesterol was extremely high and I need more medication. Additionally to that I was pre-diabetic.

One of my friends had suggested I try Curves. On my first visit I found the coaches very friendly and I was warmly welcomed. I basically joined up for the exercise but I gained a lot more over time.
I saw the eight week challenge appear on the screen at Curves and felt that I needed to give it a go.
I completed the eight week challenge and lost 2.5kilos. I went back to my Doctor in April and she was very impressed with my results.

My cholesterol and blood pressure down to normal, I was no longer pre-diabetic. The next time I saw the Cardiologist he was so impressed he congratulated me on my hard work and achievements, he also said that he doesn’t need to see me again.

The coaches at Curves were so supportive and encouraging, even on the days that weren’t too good. They pushed me to keep going and now my fitness has increased. I love going to Curves because the atmosphere is warm and friendly.  I love going to Curves five days a week as I come out feeling refreshed and able to face another day.