About the Entrant



Club: Kerikeri

Age: 42


I look better, feel stronger and all with a smile on my face!

It was January 2017, and I was over the self-loathing and the inner mental moaning to myself. I felt I had let myself down, because I had gotten fat and frumpy. A friend of mine, who is a Curves Kerikeri member, said that working out at Curves makes you feel good. She told me that I needed to ring and make an appointment, and she made me ring straight away.

I spoke to a Curves Coach and she booked me in for my Consultation the very next day. There was no turning back now. I had never been keen on going to gyms before, as I had always exercised outdoors.
When I walked in the door at Curves Kerikeri the next day, I was greeted by Marie, who had been the New Zealand Curvette of the Year a few years earlier. She explained the Curves Complete Program and showed me her before and after photos, I could see she was living proof right there in front of me. I could have walked out and not returned, but instead I signed up for Curves Complete and walked out with a plan. Marie booked me in for my first Curves workouts and for my first Curves Complete Coaching session. I was excited that I was getting started straight away and not putting it off any longer.

I have a really busy lifestyle, between working and raising my four year old son alone. But I was still able to make time for myself and come to Curves for my workouts and my Curves Complete Coaching sessions. It has really become a part of my life now. It has taught me to be more organised, with menus for myself and sometimes different menus for my young son. I love that the workouts only take 30 minutes, four days a week, which is achievable for anyone.

I now have more energy and actually want to go out and walk, run and play with my young son.
When I walked in to Curves I was 41 years old and weighed 105.2kg. After just four short weeks I was under the 100kg mark. This was a really great result and inspired me to keep going. In just under six months, I have lost 27.2kgs. I have exceeded my original goal of losing 26kgs, and have now set my final goal at reaching 75kgs. I am so close now and I will give my all to get there.I feel better, look better, feel stronger and all with a smile on my face!