About the Entrant



Club: Erina

Age: 65


Curves has helped me physically and mentally cope with the stress of ongoing treatment.

I have been a member of Curves Erina for almost six years now and have been coming regularly throughout this time. I am normally very healthy and never go to the doctors so when I started feeling very unwell in early December 2016, it came as quite a shock.

I started having pains in my chest going through to my back but after chest and heart tests gave normal results, the pain then started in my abdomen and lower back – we started looking at gastric reflux and related conditions. Throughout this time my blood test levels were fluctuating from high to extreme.

After more tests including a six week wait for a colonoscopy/endoscopy which also gave normal results, I was sent for a CT scan which revealed widespread and enlarged lymph nodes in my chest and abdomen. Further testing including numerous blood tests, a biopsy and bone marrow biopsy, confirmed I had non hodgkins lymphoma. There are over 30 different types of this lymphoma and while this was a huge shock, there was also tremendous relief in finally knowing the cause of my illness after three months of quite rigorous testing.

I finally began my journey to regaining my health and have been undergoing chemo and targeted therapy for lymphoma since late April 2017.

I have found that throughout the course of my illness and treatment that the days I have stayed at home and done little, I have felt worse than those when I have gone out and done, to the best I can, my regular activities.I continue with my “hit and giggle “(tennis), ten pin bowling and of course my Curves workouts each week.

My haematologist has said that one of the reasons for me coping so well with my treatment and particularly the fact that my white blood cell count has remained relatively stable, is because I have been continuing with my regular activities.