About the Entrant



Club: Gympie

Age: 49


My confidence is growing every day

Before Curves, or BC as I call it, I didn’t love myself at all. I didn’t like shopping for clothes and avoided social events, kind of “hermitising” myself. It was always in the back of my mind about doing something different. I had tried lots of short term “fads” diets and walking and lost a few kilos then put it all back on again when I slipped back into familiar habits. The turning point for me was when my gorgeous daughter Joei-leigh got engaged.

A couple of months later I told her that I was determined to be a “Hot Mumma” for her wedding and be proud to hang a photo of us on the wall. I had been to other gyms before but always lacked confidence when I compared myself with others. I work as a nurse in Aged Care and another job in admin so needed something that would fit in around my busy roster.

I had heard of Curves being just for women and the 30 minute workout so thought it sounded like it might be just what I needed. I settled in quickly and found the Curves Gympie community to be nurturing and non-judgmental.

Since February this year I have dropped 10.7kg and 48cm. My confidence is growing every day. My daughter is so proud of me!

I find that having everything all in one place helps to keep me motivated. The monthly coaching sessions give me a check point along the way. I love how different ages and sized ladies can workout side by side on the same equipment yet is challenging for each person. I feel part of something, a community of supportive women. I can see and feel my progress.