About the Entrant



Club: Reservoir

Age: 38


I'm now at my lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life

For as I long as a I can remember I have always been a big girl. When I was younger it never seemed to be a problem. I had no major health concerns and I could eat what I wanted. And exercise? Only if I had to.

Then I began to notice things: for example I was constantly feeling tired and would feel sleepy even after a supposed good night’s rest. I also began to experience swollen feet and ankles that got so bad on some days that I was reduced to only a couple of pairs of shoes to wear. After a while the light bulb moment came to me via my doctor. If I could reduce my weight my body would take care of the rest.

With help from my GP and the dietitian she referred me to I had the meal plan in place. All I had to do now was find a regular exercise routine. I happen to live just around the corner from my local Curves club but I used to walk the opposite side of the street to “avoid” it. But one day it came to my attention that they had a promotion on sale: Six weeks membership for $99. So in May 2016 and weighing 125kg, I crossed the street and walked into Curves Reservoir ready to learn all they had to offer in the world of regular exercise. In that first six weeks I had amazingly began to lose weight but even more surprising was that I really loved the program. Who knew you could learn to love exercise.

Twelve months later, I have lost 18kg. My ultimate goal is to weigh under 100kg and while I am getting close to that goal I am so happy with what I have achieved in the last year. To start with I’m now at my lowest weight I have been in my adult life. My energy levels have increased enormously, my clothes are getting looser by the day, I’ve already had to replace my exercise wear and it’s been a while since I’ve suffered from those swollen feet and ankles. I even willingly eat vegetables now thanks to newly discovered recipes which if you ask my friends and family was unheard of a year ago. You want to know the best part: I cook meals myself!! Last year the best I could offer you was toast. This year I could whip up some vegetarian pasta or a paprika lamb stir fry with mushrooms and spinach if you’re hungry.

Paying greater attention to diet and exercise has paid off for me in so many ways and that credit has to be given to Curves. I’ve got some work still ahead of me to reach my goal but knowing that my progress has been noticed already by friends and family alike makes me really excited for what lies ahead. Once upon a time I thought losing weight was mission impossible. Now I have realized it is mission: possible.