About the Award


Curvette of the Year 2017

Key Dates

  • Entries Open: 1 June 2017
  • Entries Close: 14 July 2017
  • Finalists to be announced August 2017

The Curvette of the Year Award is our way of recognising, rewarding and celebrating the women of Curves.

Each of our Curvettes has a unique personal journey and we invite them to share their stories to inspire thousands more women out there who are looking for help with achieving a healthier lifestyle. Curves is more than just fitness or wellness. Curves offers women a supportive, non-judgemental environment where they can concentrate on their goals. The overall Australian and New Zealand Curvette of the Year will be determined from the finalists in each category, one from each country. Winners will be announced in August after the entry period closes.

Healthy Curvette: An active Curves Club member who, during the period 31/05/2016 – 31/05/2017 has overcome health ailments through healthy eating with Curves Complete and/or exercise at Curves. Proof of pre-existing medical conditions and current health will need to be provided to validate the answer.
Senior Curvette: An active Curves Club member who is, during the period 31/05/2016 – 31/05/2017 is 60 years or over and who has achieved greater wellbeing as a result of her Curves membership.
Inspirational Curvette: An active Curves Club member who has transformed her life through Curves Complete and/or Curves Fitness membership. This member has overcome significant challenges and obstacles in her life to achieve where she is today. Weight loss/better health must have been achieved and maintained during the period 31/05/2016 – 31/05/2017.



Entry is open to current, full paying Curves members. Entering is simple. Visit the Enter Page either through the menu option at the top or the Enter Now button which can be found throughout the site. Select which category you would like to be considered for (you can choose multiple or ALL). Attach a before and after photo of yourself (this is mandatory and we recommend you take this in front of a white door for consistency).

As part of your application you will be asked to share your story in no more than 500 words. Remember this is what you will be judged upon so please write as much detail as you are willing to offer. Remember that your entry will be posted online. Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before you enter.

There will be one finalist in each category for both Australia and New Zealand (3 finalists in total). One winner from the short list of finalists will be chosen as the overall winner for Australia/New Zealand.

Entries open between 1 June and 14 July

  • Entries only available to an Australian or New Zealand members aged 18 years and over.
  • Members must be fully paid, active Curves club members.
  • All entries must be accurate and submitted in good faith.
  • One entry is permitted per member. Members may be considered for multiple categories.
  • Entrants consent to Curves publishing the information on curvescurvette.nousdev.com.au and possibly using the information provided in marketing materials and for media purposes.
  • View Full Terms and Conditions here